Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, Kyukamura Minami-Awaji (in English)

Awaji Island located in the southern part of Hyogo prefecture is the largest island in the Seto Island Sea. The area of this island is 592 square kilometers which is almost the same as the Guam (549㎢) and the Singapore Island(719㎢). Additionally there is a lot of beautiful nature and surrounded by mountains and beach, and also has the world’s longest suspension bridge named ‘’ Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge’’
I think most tourists who come to Kansai(like the area around Osaka and Kyoto)have little opportunity to go to Awaji Island but it’s a very relaxing island and you can go anywhere with a car because it’s tiny island.

How to get there


Awaji Island is best accessed by car. I’d recommend that you reservation for a rental car if you go on a trip. If you go by car, you can go across the world’s longest suspension bridge and travel around the whole island.


Let me show you how to get from Osaka to Awaji Island. If you go by bus, there are two options. One is a way to go by train and express bus. take the train from JR Osaka station to JR Maiko station and get off the train and then walk to the Maiko bus stop for about 6 minutes.after that get on the express bus and get off the bus at the place where you want to visit. it costs around 1,230 yen one way if you get off the bus at Awaji IC(landmark is the Ferris wheel)and it takes about 70 minutes in total. the number of buses in operation a day varies depending on the bus company.
the other is a way to go from Hankyu Umeda Sanbangai to Awaji which is a direct express bus and the fastest way. it costs around 1,270 yen one way if you get off the bus at Awaji IC(landmark is the Ferris wheel)and it takes about 67 minutes in total. but there are only 4 buses per day.


There are direct ferry to Iwaya on Awaji from Akashi port named “Jenova-line “the fare for one adult is 530 yen, children is 270 yen with an extra 240 yen fee for a bicycle. it only takes about 13 minutes.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge and is 3911 meters. The bridge links the city of Kobe with Awaji Island and you can see the Awaji Island on a sunny day from Kobe side. In addition, the lights looks beautiful at night.

Awaji Service Area

When you come to Awaji Island please stop by Awaji Service Area, it’s landmark is the Ferris Wheel. A lot of souvenirs are being sold and there is the Starbucks Coffee and also a restaurant. actually Awaji Island is famous for its Onions and is surrounded by the sea on all sides, you can enjoy delicious seafood.

You can overlook the city of Kobe from here. it’s such a great view and you can feel comfortable breeze. if you have a chance, let’s try to ride on the Ferris wheel! it takes about 15 minutes a lap and it can hold up to six peoples.

Kyukamura Minami-Awaji

Kyukamura is located at the south most part of Awaji Island. There are accommodations, camping area, hot springs, observation deck, restaurant, karaoke and some activities on the really large property and I highly recommend it. I’d like to talk about my experience when I went on a camping on a short trip.


Awaji Island Kyukamura



It takes about 46 minutes from Awaji IC to Kyukamura Minami-Awaji.


Most easiest way to get there is take the express bus for Fukura from Sannomiya bus terminal. it takes about 90 minutes.and then you can get off at Fukura bus stop, walk to the Nanairo Kan. it takes about 3 minutes from Fukura bus stop to the Nanairo Kan on foot. after that the free shuttle bus for Kyukamura Minami Awaji will depart from Nanairo Kan. The bus for Kyukamura Minami Awaji is 3:15 pm, 4:35 pm, and 5:05 pm. The bus for Nanairo Kan is 9:05 am and 10:20 am.

When you through the entrance, there is front desk, souvenir shop and cafe. In addition to I found a observation deck and foot bath.

Camp site is on the first floor. the price is 4200 yen for camp site usage. in addition to that it costs 520 yen per person. It’s okay If you don’t have camping equipment because there is a plan to rent out the necessary equipment for camping. It costs 7500 yen for one adults, 5500 yen for a children and 4500 yen for kids under 4 years old. The plan includes tent, tarp, camping stove, table, chairs, sleeping bag, BBQ set, breakfast buffet(at the hotel ),charcoal, towels, toothbrush and two tickets for the hot springs and also they have set up a tent in advance.

There are 23 camping site sections and each with a small kitchen. Aside from that, there is community kitchen. It has a shared shower and bathrooms.

And then, you can also fish from here.

Actually, we’re struggled with set up the tent and tarp but I felt calm because the view of the ocean from our tent and surrounded by nature. We’re set up the tent and tarp done as quickly as possible because I wanted to go to the grocery store where local ingredients.

Fukura Marché

I highly recommend this grocery store because this store only deals in local ingredients. There are a lot of different kinds of vegetables, fruits, salad dressing, seafood and meat. I bought some vegetables and meat before I come here but I bought more some vegetables and fruits because it looks so delicious.This store is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on a weekdays and 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekends and public holidays.


We make a fire early for the barbecue and make a Salad. I made a salad using the ingredients I bought at the Fukura Marché. I recommend you make a tomato caprese because it is so easy to make and looks so good. It different from eating at home, so it is nice for a change.

It was so delicious this watermelon from Fukura Marché.

I grilled some asparagus, enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, sausage and beef. That was absolutely delicious!! The added new barbecue equipment can make a rice or various dishes and looks so compact.

We set up a bonfire at night and this place looks like a completely different from that daytime. I was really able to relaxing.



It’s amazing because you can see the ocean immediately after waking up in the morning.I woke up at 7:00 am and I get ready to drink some coffee. I recommend this stove because it is easy to make a fire and strong against the wind.

The check out is 11:00 am so we took a walk around there and put our tent and other things away before that. This camping has become one of my great memories and I’ll definitely come again soon!!
I highly recommend this camping site. You should go there when you come to Japan.

Minami Awaji refresh AC House Yu Puru

After checking out, we went to the hot springs near the camping site. It takes about 15 minutes by car and it is surrounded by beautiful nature.


Actually this is my first visit here and I was so excited because it is really gorgeous in that place.

The price is 630 yen for adult, 310 yen for kids, 520 yen for parsons over 65 years old or parsons with disabilities, and then children under 3 years old are free of charge. This facility is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and is closed on the third Thursday (without August).

There are a water slide in the hot springs that you can enjoy with your children’s and there is also a restaurant. I tried to eat this pork cutlet curry which is so delicious. when you come to Japan, please try going to the hot springs which is the Japanese culture.

Road Stations Uzushio

This road station is located at the south most part of Awaji Island and it takes about 20 minutes by car from Yu Puru. You can look beautiful the Onaruto Bridge from here. The Onaruto Bridge is a huge with a total length of 1,629 kilometers which is famous for whirlpool cruise.


There is some photo spots, souvenirs shops and the restaurant that you can fully enjoy the local foods. Additionally, there’s are a lot of different kind of souvenir in this shop.

The parking is free and the cafe and restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on a weekdays and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekends and public holidays and then is closed on Thursday, December 31st and New Year day. And then there’s free shuttle buses from the Nanairo Kan.

Awaji Island has different tourist spots and cuisine and than city. As you can see It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea, it’s good idea to relaxing in the nature.

Thank you for reading the entire my blog. Have a good trip!!