Kanazawa Castle Park in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture JAPAN(in English)

Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa Castle is located in the center of Kanazawa City and which is close to the Kenrokuen Garden which used to be the outer garden of Kanazawa Castle. Kanazawa castle has a long history and It is recorded as a important cultural properties such as Ishikawa-mon, Sanjukken Nagaya and Tsurumaru Soko.

Kanazawa Castle was construction by the Maeda family, lords of Kaga, in 1583 but now, not much remains of the original castle because it was destroyed by fire over the years.But then, the castle was rebuilt and opened to the public as a Kanazawa Castle Park in 1996.

And thenThe Kanazawa Castle Park is really big and surrounded by greenery, so it makes your mind refresh and relax and so It’s good idea to go there for a change.

Ishikawa Gate (Ishikawa-Mon)

Ishikawa-mon a symbol of the Kanazawa castle, it has a structure called the Masugata Gate and it is still in the same condition as it was back when it was built 230 years ago. The stone walls in Masugata have different techniques on the right side and left side and was constructed by Kiriishi-zumi (masonry laid with regularly cut stones) on the right and the Arakakou-Ishizumi (masonry laid with roughing cut stones) on the left.


This gate is actually the main gate of Kanazawa Castle and It is called “Kanazawa Castle Sango Mon” along with Ishikawa-mon and Hashizume-mon. The Kahoku-mon was rebuilt in 1772 after the destroyed by huge fire in 1759 but it was removed around 1882. However this gate was rebuilt for the first time in about 130 years and was completed in 2010.

The inside is open to the public for free.

Hishi yagura Gojukken Nagaya・Hashizume-Mon Tsuzukiyagura

“The Gojukken Nagaya” on the second floor and two layers connects “The Hishi yagura” on the third floor and three layer and “The Hashizume-Mon Tsuzukiyagura”.
It was rebuilt in July 2001 and is the largest wooden castle building in Japan build after the Meiji period.

The inside is open to the public for a fee.


Get off at the Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castles Park (S8)

Get off at the Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castles Park (LL9)

Get off at the Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castles Park (RL7)


Kanazawa Castle Park


Free Admission

・Hishiyagura/・Gojukken Nagaya/・Hashizume-Mon Tsuzukiyagura/・Hashizume-Gate
Adults 320yen, kids 100yen, Group of 30 customer or more Adults 250yen, kids 80yen


7:00AM to 6:00PM(March 1 to October 15)
 8:00AM to 5:00PM(October 16 to February)

Open at night・Illumination
From sunset to 9:00 PM(only before holidays)

・Hishiyagura・Gojukken Nagaya・Hashizume-Mon Tsuzukiyagura・Hashizume-Gate・Kahoku-Gate・Nezumita-Gate
9:00AM to 4:30PM (Last entry is at 4PM)

Gyokusen’inmaru Garden
9:00AM to 4:30PM (Last entry is at 4PM)
Closed from December 29 to January 3


No closing day